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Hello and welcome to Where Am I Cup and thank you for playing our game.

The goal of the game is to find the square zero within a number of given taps.

Where Am I Cup Is logic and memory based pattern recognition game. If you a fan of Minesweeper, then you'll love this!
Each level starts out with a grid of hidden squares and a small number of revealed squares.

When you tap a hidden square the number under it will be revealed. The level will be completed once you tap the square Zero.

The game will grow harder with each level you complete. The game will decrease the number of taps you're allowed. At some point, you will play without the grid lines. You will also get to play with small squares.

Tips and Hints

The number in each square reflects the distance from the square Zero. The number corresponds to the number of squares between Zero and the square in question that span the grid vertically and horizontally, but not diagonally.

For instance,

Four is four boxes horizontally from zero.

Five is two squares vertically and three horizontally from zero.

Five is four squares horizontally and one vertically from zero.

Take a good look at this figure

If you look closely you will notice a relation between the numbers and the square Zero

Try to figure out the shapes and patterns that the numbers do.
Remember the patterns that the numbers make!
The predefined squares that the game will reveal at the beginning of the level are your key to find the square Zero

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Good luck finding Zero!
And have a wonderful time
Where Am I Team